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Call for quotation: Interactive WebGL Real Estate navigator

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    Considering the current market tide, a client of ours to whom we supply system and services has approached us seeking our expertise to help them continue commercializing their business online. We’ve proposed to build a custom made WebGL/Verge3D platform to do so.
    We already work with a team of artist that are able to do the heavy lifting of the 3D content, and in this opportunity we are looking for the experts in the Verge3D field to develop the platform around it:

    We seek to quote the design, development and maintenance of a Web + Verge3D based interactive navigator oriented to help a team of realtors commercialize an apartment building online, in an intranet environment.
    The actual 3D design, modelling, baking and overall 3D content will be mostly supplied by a third party group.

    The task is solely centred on designing & developing the tool/platform and implementing it as per initial request, to progressively iterate versions until a final mature and stable tool can be widely released with stakeholders. Client seeks to work in an on-going based contract to guarantee availability and support; upon successful development & implementations, further residential developments should inline.
    Please note the project is pre-contracted and we require to work with people with demonstrable expertise, to assure deliveries.

    The essential requirement guidelines are:
    -Must be developed from ground up with an e-commerce back end design. The system needs to be able to display availability of properties against an internal database, to avoid double bonding/bidding/sales in its first iteration.
    -It will contain 3 main views, from Global view of the building, to Floorplan – based view of the level, to a Detail model of the apartment. Ideally this is based on a load/unload kind of approach, to keep it modular and expandable.
    -The platform must be aimed at being light and efficient, eg: works well on tablets.
    -Design & implement the GUI in support of navigation, although we aim at keeping it “KISS” and tidy.

    -On further iterations, the platform needs to allow the users to search for properties against the back end database: price, sqm, level, NSEW, alternative décor etc.
    -Final iteration should be able to export quotations to other mediums: email, documents, reservations etc.

    Experts and design studios welcome to contact us at xavier@experiencedesign.co.nz to discuss project in further detail.
    Please note we seek to provide a general quotation to client by Firday 3rd April 2020

    You can find a .pdf version of the details and pictures here:

    Feel free to pass it along.


    Hello Xavier,

    I just sent you an email as I think our platform could be used as a starting point for your development project. Let me know via email if you’re interested in having a call to discuss further.

    Thank you.


    Hello Xavier,

    I have experience with all the requirements you stated above like the development and the design of the Verge3D application, but also with querying the database, exporting quotations to other mediums: email, documents, reservations etc.

    I sent you an email about this.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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