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assignMat for second time fails?

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    Hi Verge!

    First of all, thank you for great version 3.7! I am very happy with all new functionality!

    Im trying to make custom configurator for our customers running through iframe. I tried to mimic demos simple configurator and Recliner which are doing exactly what I need. Triggering geometry through puzzle is working, however when I try to change material on some objects via assignMat in visual_logic.js it works only the first time i make this change. Any change of material for the second time fails and does not happen. Seems bit odd to me.

    Relevant lines 594 in my visual_logic:

    eventHTMLElem('click', 'button1', true, function(event) {
      assignMat('Sphere', 'zlato');    
      assignMat('Cube2', 'zlato');    
      assignMat('Cube', 'zlato');    
        assignMat('Sphere', 'zlato');
      } else {
        assignMat('Sphere', 'zlatonormal2');
    eventHTMLElem('click', 'button3', true, function(event) {
        assignMat('Sphere', 'zlatonormal2');
        assignMat('Cube2', 'zlatonormal2');
        assignMat('Cube', 'zlatonormal2');

    Im attaching full demo as zip – plrease refer to index.html which is nesting configurator.html in iframe.

    It seems like material is not visible second time it is attached to the object: function assignMat returns on this line:

        var mat = v3d.SceneUtils.getMaterialByName(appInstance, matName);
        if (!mat)

    This does not happen first time material is attached though.

    Please can you help me resolve this issue?


    Attachement was blocked, here is link to it: http://skygazer.eu/precismo/configurator/configurator.zip


    Because zlato2 material exist only on the sphere and you replace it by zlato material it just not present anymore on the scene. Assign all materials to a simple invisible object that you will always keep unchanged.

    Co-founder and lead graphics specialist at Soft8Soft.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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