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"Arcs" as "path" in parametric morphing? (3d pie chart radial growth)

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    I’m delving into experimenting with the interactive parametric objects feature in Verge3D.
    Making interactive parametric models with Verge3D, Blender, and WebGL

    I’m enthusiastic about it’s potential for creativity!
    One thing i thought that this may serve as a solution to a challenge we have is making the object grow along a CURVE or “arc” ..RADIALLY instead of a straight line’s path..
    i see the objects in demos and the video above be animated strictly on a certain axis or another, but i’d like to have something grow in a CIRCULAR path, if you follow..

    it would be as if you took HALF of an outline of an object, (say a chess pawn) and lathed it 360 deg to have a final product of the 3D chess pawn.
    another simpler example would be a growing 3D “pie chart” that is animated from one slice.. all the way around to like 270 degrees.
    while the outer edge stays smooth along a curved path.

    i’d think one solution would be making a cylinder and making it 360 sides around, then derive ONE side’s worth as a pie slice.. 1/360
    one edge at 0 one at 1, one in the center of the cylinder’s face (or pie center)
    save that as key shape
    flatten both outer edges to 0 (so it’s just a line)
    save that as a key shape (or base)
    then possibly multiply the morph between the flattened and the slice shape morph times 360?? using offset?

    but is this method able to be interactive? …

    EDIT: just tested and this method as described (so far) .. doesn’t work, as i thought, the vector between the two shapes (flat and pie slice) is a straight line, and as i push the amount of morph on the shape key slider in blender, it just keeps growing in that one 2 (set of vertices coords) vector.
    also the max amount is a factor of 10 (in blender, haven’t tried in Verge3D though..) regardless, need to set it to reproduce the effect along a coord, requiring 3 repeatable vector coords (shapes)…hmmm

    EDIT: going to investigate the SCREW modifier for modeling radially..

    I’m brainstorming here but also wondering if there’s a simpler, more dynamic route I’m unaware of possibly with modifiers/ constraints to an empty’s path or something before i delve into experimenting with it.


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    So in trying to animate a radially growing pie chart,
    I’ve tried the “spin” edit mode operator, the “skrew” modifier..
    Finally had success with taking a subdivided rectangle cube(100 sections) and flattening it on the Y axis, then applying the “bend” modifier around an “empty” at the flattened rectangle’s 0,0,0 end.

    I created 36 shape keys of the bend modifier, and animated them properly
    To get the animation I want, a pie chart animating from 0 degrees all the way around it’s circumference to 360 degrees. used a drag rotate puzzle on it which rotates an invisible “empty” which told the animation to play it’s frames according to that empty’s rotation and VOILA! :yahoo:

    just leaving this little learning experience here for anyone else trying to solve the same challenge.

    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    thanks for sharing your solution! :good:

    3D Verger, the CEO
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    thanks for sharing your solution! :good:

    That was working, except for this error with it…

    So I’m using a radial animated mask now, which is less objects and more reliable, but doesn’t have the cross section geometry… :negative:

    EDIT: I’ve implemented dual mirrored rotating clip maps of the silhouette of the object that matches with the inside of the leading edges to “cap them”… Looks great.

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    The second attempt I did was using the”warp” tool. (It’s ridiculous that you can’t keyframe it…OR the SPIN TOOL!, or that the SCREW modifier doesn’t provide caps at the end.)..but you can make multiples and change them with them then apply them as shape keys after…

    The warp attempt provided bad results in Verge (fine in blender)
    …so the BEND is the only way…
    (There IS no “spoon”, Neo) B-)

    This is a modality that would be ESSENTIAL to the type of. 3D illustration of products Verge 3D would excell at.

    It’s been discussed on the forums.
    Cut-aways / cross-sections / technical 3 quarters drafts etc…

    I’ve found the only way blender can do this (appealing to verge3d’s current limitations) is via the BEND modifier.(Simple Deform, Blend option)

    (Which is a ridiculous work around as you must make a long, multi sliced extrusion (in a different app if your piece has loose parts)

    And you must center it just to one side and minimize its width so slightly, to then fan it around an. Axis…

    There needs to be an add on written for this. :scratch:

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