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Adding Camera + Object Motion Blur to V3D Project

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    Hi Soft8Soft!

    I’m wondering if there are any plans to add motion blur to V3D 3.9 or if there any plans to update the post-processing effects currently available?

    I love all of the functionality that Verge has, but it hurts to see much older platforms having a bit more robust of a selection that won’t be as future-proofed when creating w/ V3D.

    If motion blur won’t be added to V3D anytime soon, if one was interested in using this motion blur:


    How would that be done?

    Thanks again for all of your work on this platform so far, it’s a great way to bring 3D projects to the web!


    Since Verge3D is based on Threejs you could port that same functionality over so it works in Verge3d. It’s more of a simulated motion blur than a true motion blur but it’s better than nothing.

    You could do it via JavaScript and insert it or you could build a plugin. Either way, you can get this type of motion blur effect just going to take some work. Luckily in the demo itself it gives most of the reference on how to actually build it.

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    I toyed with porting this exact motion blur to a plugin half a year ago.
    The issue was not being able to import modules in the current way plug-ins are built.
    Since then, I’ve advanced my plugin workflow, so I am going to take another try at it.


    @GLiFTeK: That sounds great! Please keep me updated, this is something I’m trying to implement before the end of this month.

    : Thank you so much for the insights, I’m aware that JavaScript can be loaded via puzzles, but no idea how to apply post-processing plugins to the camera.

    Is there any way you can please supply an example or screenshot of addition via JavaScript or how to build that plug-in to clarify what you were saying? I’m sure I’m not the only user on this message board that would be appreciative!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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