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Web GL Issues with Version 3

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    Have just acquired Verge 3D and I am having trouble running version 3 on my system. I am getting the “Ouch! Your graphics card does not support WebGL.” message in Firefox and Chrome when I try to load the Cube example. The other example models jam.
    • Version 2 worked fine on this system.
    • The WebGL check link cube works fine.
    The system is a Dell Precision 7710 with a Nvidia M5000M card, 8Gb video RAM currently running driver version 442.74 (the latest as of yesterday). The system runs other WebGL apps, Revit based Enscape etc. My other workstation has twin Nvidia M6000 24Gb video cards and I am yet to run Verge 3D 3.0 on this – due to the lockdown in New Zealand, I can only access this workstation using RDP over a VPN and I have had some WebGL issues over this arrangement in the past.

    Any ideas – Thanks

    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    Sorry to hear about those troubles.

    Could you try the following:

    1. reboot your PC
    2. create a new app and check if the default cube works

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    @cadtot, I have a similar Dell workstation, and I have seen errors like this. Your workstation has two GPUs. You have the discrete Nvidia Quadro and the GPU integrated into the Intel CPU die. Dell typically sets these machines up to use switchable graphics to maximize battery life. So, most of the time, they use the integrated GPU and only switch to the discrete GPU when needed. I was never impressed with the switching functionality.
    In my case, I went into the BIOS and disabled switchable graphics. My workstation only runs off of the Quadro. This change eliminated WebGL errors for me. Of course, my battery life is terrible, and the machine is a toaster now when running 3D graphics, a small price to pay.


    Thanks, Jem.
    So the Dell is brokering the WebGL between the two GPUs.
    Got into the bios and set the switchable GPU to off. There are three settings, as well as the GPU switch, there is also a switch for the HDMI ports and one for a docking port. I run two additional screens from this system – I also had to switch the HDMI off before switching the GPUs or else the system would only run the internal 4K screen.
    Verge3D now runs. Thank you very for pointing me in the right direction.


    @cadtot, glad the suggestion helped. Keep in mind that your battery life will be terrible now. That does not matter to me. 99% of the time I work with the AC adapter plugged in. I do turn the switchable graphics back on if I need to use my laptop on a long flight. You cannot plug the PSU from these workstations into an AC outlet on an airplane because they draw too many watts.


    Thanks, Jem. My system is going on for 4 years old so the battery is past its use-by date. Virtually all of my use is plugged at home or through a Thunderbird dock at work. Though home has now become work. Time for a new system I think.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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