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Newvbie trying to decide re: Verge3D purchase

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    I am a physician involved in an educational project for which some simple 3d demos would be helpful. (I am not a 3d modeler myself, but a web developer.)
    I have purchased some 3d models I would like to annotate and make interactive with Verge 3D. In testing it out, however, I have encountered a problem and do not know where to search for help. (The documentation does not explain what I am doing wrong.) I create a new app in Verge and open Blender through the AppManager. I delete the cube that is provided in each new project and import my gltf model. It imports fine and when I hit the Sneak peak button it renders fine in a web page. However, when I export the new model as gltf and run the app inside the app manager, the cube is still there and not my model. Can you tell a beginner what he is doing wrong?
    Thank you very much.


    Hi there… my recommendation is to hold off on your purchase until you have a very good grasp of the work load required. You may find it less time consuming and expensive to hire a professional to do what you are needling.

    To offer you a potential starting point to your current project.

    Make sure you are exporting or saving the gltf to the same directory that your project is in. From what you are describing you gltf and project file are not in the same place OR not named the same as required by your project name.

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    Make sure you’re selecting the VERGE3D export, not the native gltf exporter.


    Thanks for the answers! I may look into hiring a modeler but would like to know more about what these Verge3D models can do. Would it be possible for an annotation created in Verge3D to contain a link to web content brought from elsewhere in our site via AJAX call? I just really need to know if the detail body of an annoation could contain a clickable link to other web content.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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