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Exclude Objects from raycasting?

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    I have a scene full of semitransparent lightrays objects/cards and need to disable click/over events for them so the events work on the real clickable objects behind them. How do I get the light-geometries to not trigger click?
    I know about the x-ray switch in hover/click events but I don’t want to trigger multiple staggered objects at once (of cause the scene includes staggered clickable objects from some perspectives, live is never easy).

    By the way what’s the best material/texture combination to get beautiful, emissive, full controllable lightray on cards? I ain’t happy with what I have now, physical material in max has it’s fallbacks.



    you can probably NOT to assign “when click” puzzles to these semi-transparent objects, and enable the “x-ray” option for the objects that should be clicked.

    beautiful, emissive, full controllable lightray on cards

    can you provide some screenshots of what you got now and what you’d like to achieve?

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    I didn’t get physical material working with emissive and opacity texture at all so I’m forced to use Standard Material which can only be emissive max 100% and shades flat. I need more than that. What would be a physical material setup for godrays? Tried and failed, see attachment.

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    Need to set-up a blend type for the material for example Hashed.

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