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Camera Puzzles Tutorial – Empty Follows Mouse Object

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    I am following the tutorial shared here on Verge3D Camera/Lights page:


    In the following example, an object looks at the mouse cursor. This can be achived by mapping the position of an empty/dummy object to mouse cursor with some simple math.

    Verge3D Puzzle Setup

    In order to setup such behavior in 3ds Max, make your object follow a dummy object by utilizing the Rotation Controllers / LookAt Constraint. In Blender, this corresponds to the TrackTo constraint.

    I have followed these instructions and the result works as expected but the animations extremely fast. How can I slow down this camera movement? Or make it less sensitive?
    – I’ve tried playing with the values
    – I’ve tried unticking “inverted” for the mouse option. This seems to slow it down.


    Any advice on this?


    I can’t seem to get this to behave in a consistent fashion. Now, it seems the orbit moves much more slowly. Here is my setup on Puzzles and my camera setup on Blender.

    I am following your tutorial directions.

    Please help me figure this out.

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