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Verge3Day 2019

Verge3Day 2019 is over! It was a truly inspiring event and we at Soft8Soft were so glad to meet some of you in person! We also obtained huge feedback from Verge3D users and will adjust our development plans accordingly.

Special thanks to CPQ Factory for their unmatched performance on organizing Verge3Day and for creating so friendly atmosphere!

See the recorded videos on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe!

Regarding Verge3Day 2020 and 2021

In light of current events around the coronavirus disease, with many IT conferences cancelled (Facebook, GameDevConf etc), we decided to postpone the Verge3D conference until the situation improves.

Please take care of yourselves!




10:00 AM

Doors open and registration

11:00 AM

Yuri Kovelenov, Alex Kovelenov, Soft8Soft

Intro and Keynote

11:30 PM

Jeremy Wernick, Configure One

CPQ to ERP with Verge3D

12:00 AM

Bas Könst, Quootz/Merkato

Make beautiful models smarter

12:30 AM

Lijun Ma, FunJoy

Lean design method for WebVR applications

13:00 PM

Coffee/Tea Break

14:00 PM

Mikhail Luzyanin, Soft8Soft

Balancing between quality and performance

14:30 PM

Simone Lipschitz, Illussimo 2D3D Design

Porting 2D content to Verge3D

15:00 PM

Alexey Markin, JetStyle

Building WebVR experiences for cultural inheritance

15:30 PM

Hans de Kok, Qmaze

Verge3D-Qmaze CPQ connection

16:00 PM

Martin Hammersma, CPQ Factory

Parametric models in Verge3D

16:30 PM

Q&A session

Ask Verge3D developers about anything

Conference Partners

The Khronos Group is an open industry consortium of over 140 leading hardware and software companies creating advanced, royalty-free, acceleration standards for 3D graphics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, vision processing and machine learning.