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Plugins extend the core functionality of Verge3D in a clean and easy-to-use fashion. Here is the list of plugins developed by Soft8Soft, third-party Verge3D professionals, and companies:


  • E-Commerce — stock plugin with puzzles that can be used for implementing WooCommerce 3D product views and configurators, as well as for creating standalone order/inquiry forms.
  • 2D Canvas Editor by CyberFox — powerful tool to draw, write and imprint directly on 3D models.
  • Save/Load URL — plugin for saving and loading configurations with page URLs.


  • E-Learning/SCORM — stock plugin for creating interactive SCORM-based e-learning applications.


  • Teleport — adds clickable navigation points to the 3D scene for moving the first-person camera.
  • Pathfinding Plugin — plugin for calculating the shortest route between two points in a 3D scene.

Textures and Materials

  • Draggable Texture — translate, rotate, and scale textures right on your models in real-time.
  • Canvas — drawing vector-based textures in realtime using Puzzles.


  • Ruler — plugin implementing interactive ruler for measuring 3D object dimensions.
  • CSS3D — plugin for embedding websites, videos, or maps on surfaces of 3D objects.
  • Color Plugin — easy-to-use color picker for your Verge3D-based apps.
  • GUI — plugin for adding simple controls to tweak the graphics of your scenes in real time.

Screenshots, Screencasts, PDF

Content Management Systems


Find more and discuss plugin development on the Forums.