E-Learning/SCORM Plugin

This stock plugin adds puzzles that can be used for implementing SCORM-based e-learning applications. The plugin supports version 1.2 of the SCORM standard.

E-learning visual programming blocks

For more information on creating SCORM courses check out the corresponding section of this User Manual.


Puzzles Reference

lms initialize

Start a communication session with the LMS.

Visual logic block to connect to SCORM

lms finish

Close a communication session with the LMS. You can exec this puzzle any time when you done communicating, however it's better to include it in the "beforeunload" event handler.

Visual programming block to finish SCORM session

lms set value

Set a value for the given LMS element.

Visual programming block to set value in learning management system

lms get value

Retrieves a value from the LMS element.

Visual programming block to get value from learning management system

lms commit

Report to LMS that it should sync data received by the lms set value puzzle. Executing commit is not strictly required, however it can increase responsiveness of the UI in some LMS. For example, the Moodle LMS updates scores and lesson status upon commit.

Visual coding block to sync data with learning management system

lms get last error

Returns the error code (encoded as string) that resulted from the last communication with LMS. The "0" value indicates that there is no error happened.

Visual programming block to get error from learning management system

lms get error string

Returns a short string describing the specified error code.

Block for retrieving error string from learning management system

lms get diagnostic

Returns detailed information about the last error that occurred.

Get SCORM diagnostics with visual programming

data model elements

List of the data model elements which can be assigned/retrieved by the SCORM package.

Retrive SCORM data elements with visual logic block

In SCORM terminology, "element" is just a parameter which is send to/received from the LMS. It has nothing to do with "HTML elements".

Element Read/Write Description
cmi.core.lesson_status Read/Write Indicates whether the learner has completed and satisfied the requirements for the SCO. One of "passed", "completed", "failed", "incomplete", "browsed", "not attempted".
cmi.core.student_id Read Only Identifies the student on behalf of whom the lesson was launched.
cmi.core.student_name Read Only Name provided for the student by the LMS.
cmi.core.lesson_location Read/Write The learner’s current location in the lesson.
cmi.core.credit Read Only Indicates whether the learner will be credited for performance in the lesson. One of "credit", "no-credit".
cmi.core.entry Read Only Asserts whether the learner has previously accessed the lesson. One of "ab-initio", "resume", "".
cmi.core.score_children Read Only Listing of supported data model elements.
cmi.core.score.raw Read/Write Number that reflects the performance of the learner relative to the range bounded by the values of min and max.
cmi.core.score.max Read/Write Maximum value in the range for the raw score.
cmi.core.score.min Read/Write Minimum value in the range for the raw score.
cmi.core.total_time Read Only Sum of all of the learner’s session times accumulated in the current learner attempt.
cmi.core.lesson_mode Read Only Identifies one of three possible modes in which the lesson may be presented to the learner. One of "browse", "normal", "review".
cmi.core.exit Write Only Indicates how or why the learner left the lesson. One of "time-out", "suspend", "logout", "".
cmi.core.session_time Write Only Amount of time that the learner has spent in the current learner session for this lesson.
cmi.core._children Read Only Listing of supported data model elements.

For simplicity, this puzzle includes only "core" elements. If you need to pass other (including non-standard) elements to lms set value/lms get value, use the text puzzle:

Visual coding blocks to set non-standard SCORM elements

pack add item

Add an item to the manifest of the generated SCORM pack.

Visual programming block to add items to SCORM pack

This puzzle is useful for creating multi-page courses which can run different content depending on the selected item.

Editing SCORM pack with visual logic blocks

To retrieve the current item ID use the pack get item ID puzzle.

pack get item ID

Retrieve an ID of the currently loaded item from the SCORM pack.

Getting SCORM pack item IDs with visual programming

The "in parent doc" checkbox should be enabled if the Verge3D apps's .html file is embedded using iframe.

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