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Attention to plugin developers! Please update this page regularly. If your plugin is no longer maintained, remove it or contact us to do it for you.

Plugins extend the core functionality of Verge3D in a clean and easy-to-use fashion. Here is the list of plugins developed by Soft8Soft, third-party Verge3D professionals, and companies:


  • E-Commerce — stock plugin with puzzles that can be used for implementing WooCommerce 3D product views and configurators, as well as for creating standalone order/inquiry forms.
  • 2D Canvas Editor by CyberFox — powerful tool to draw, write and imprint directly on 3D models.
  • Save/Load URL — plugin for saving and loading configurations with page URLs.


  • E-Learning/SCORM — stock plugin for creating interactive SCORM-based e-learning applications.


  • Teleport — adds clickable navigation points to the 3D scene for moving the first-person camera.
  • Pathfinding Plugin — plugin for calculating the shortest route between two points in a 3D scene.

Textures and Materials

  • Draggable Texture — translate, rotate, and scale textures right on your models in real-time.
  • Canvas — drawing vector-based textures in realtime using Puzzles.


  • Ruler — plugin implementing interactive ruler for measuring 3D object dimensions.
  • CSS3D — plugin for embedding websites, videos, or maps on surfaces of 3D objects.
  • Color Plugin — easy-to-use color picker for your Verge3D-based apps.
  • GUI — plugin for adding simple controls to tweak the graphics of your scenes in real time.

Screenshots, Screencasts, PDF

Content Management Systems


Find more and discuss plugin development on the Forums.