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PDF Generator is a plugin for Verge3D that provides functionality to generate PDF files, filled with content. The plugin developed by by CyberFox studio.

This module user serverless functionality, using browser resources.

With helping of this plugin user can enhance e-commerce flow processed on site.

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Plugin puzzles


Generate PDF

Main puzzle, have fields required to fill, which is outputting to pdf.


- Logo Image Url: url to image using as logo in pdf design

- Content: flexible field for managing pdf page content

- Page Footer Text: text which outputes to footer of geenrated pdf page

- on genereted: flexible callback field invoked after pdf file generated

PDF Text Line

Puzzle using for Content params in main puzzle. Outputs line based key/value pair data string.

PDF Image

Puzzle using for Content params in main puzzle. Outputs image full width. Params - image in datauri format.

Generated PDF

Puzzle using to get data in Main puzzle callback, after pdf has been generated.

Puzzle contains pdf file in datauri format.


1. Unpack the archive

2. Move the extracted folder to "[Verge Main directory]/puzzles/plugins/"

3. Restart the puzzle editor if it is open

If you have any problems with the plugin or need support, please contact us by email - [[1]]

Or fill out the form on our website -