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by CyberFox studio

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This plugin provides functionality for convenient reading and writting the link parameters.

With incredible ease, you can take your apps to the next level.

Saving all the necessary parameters to a link and an easy

way to read back.



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Puzzles: read link

Puzzle for convenient organization of reading the link parameters and subsequent launch of the main init function.

Puzzles: get link parameter

Get a link parameter by it mane or use provided default value, if the link does not contain the specified parameter. You can use it directly or assign it to a variable.

Puzzles: set link parameter

Saves the passed variable or the value in the user-specified parameter in the link to the reference. The parameter will be created if it does not exist, or will be updated if it already exists. It keeps original parameters order, so if you want to organize parameters in link just place this puzzles in desired order and then if you change one of parameters, it will keep its position in the link.

Installation options

1. Unpack the archive

2. Move the extracted folder to "[Verge Main directory]/puzzles/plugins/"

3. Restart the puzzle editor if it is open



  • Basic functionality

If you have any problems with the plugin or need support, please contact us by email:

Or fill out the form on our website -