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Update 2.5.2! (Font selector added)

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An incredibly powerful plugin for Verge3D that will allow you to connect a 2d canvas to a 3d model in a couple of minutes with the ability to draw, place images and text. There is also support for layers by calling the context menu.

Demo app



The plugin adds a new category to verge3d that contains its own puzzles.


Main category

This category contains a basic puzzle called [Box]

[Box] creates a basic canvas function block that is inserted into the page with the parameters corresponding to the puzzle arguments. The arguments allow the user to customize the canvas editor in any way: from simple-just insert an image, to complex with transformation elements, text, and drawing tools.

Layer category

It's about puzzles that create layers. These can be either image layers or color layers.

Layers are the full width/height of the block it is inserted into. Layers can be used in

[Box] Canvas Background Container Background(located under the canvas, not in the canvas).


A list of puzzles that are used to expand the functionality of the [Box]. Can be added to the 'Extensions' [Drawer] argument. Each puzzle leads to the creation of additional functionality for the [Box].


* Picture drawer *

Exporting an image from a canvas with canvas settings and applying additional configurations from arguments, such as

pixel ratio and image export format. As a result of this puzzle, you got an image in base64 format.

An extremely useful puzzle for creating your own textures.

Installation options

1. Unpack the archive

2. Move the extracted folder to "[Verge Main directory]/puzzles/plugins/"

3. Restart the puzzle editor if it is open

If you have any problems with the plugin or need support, please contact us by email:

Or fill out the form on our website -