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The plugin is a powerfull tool for creating videos of page in realtime. The solution provides the functionality of screen and voice recordering!

Check demo here -


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The plugin adds a new category to verge3d that contains its own puzzles.


Screen Recorder plugin WebGl Verge3d.png

Puzzles: Start recoding

Starts creating video by recording video and voice, accoring to settings.

Settings can provide recording options from list of sources.

Puzzles: Stop recoding

Finishing video creating process, forming video data.

As video forming is not 0 seconds time process, puzzle contain callback area

where user can insert puzzles which will be garantee processed with video data ready.

Puzzles: get video data

This can be used inside [Stop recording] puzzle, in callbacks area.

Puzzle output dictionary with video data:

- video in base64 format

- video size in bytes

Puzzles: get video link

This can be used inside [Stop recording] puzzle, in callbacks area.

Output temporary onpage link to video. Can be used as source link in video player.

Installation options

1. Unpack the archive

2. Move the extracted folder to "[Verge Main directory]/puzzles/plugins/"

3. Restart the puzzle editor if it is open

If you have any problems with the plugin or need support, please contact us by email:

Or fill out the form on our website -