Known Verge3D Limitations

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General limitations

Two or more clipping planes parallel to each other

Two parallel clipping planes.jpg

When two or more clipping planes intersect with each other, you can see the following artifacts similar to Z-fighting. Possible workaround for this issue would be using only one plane or disabling the "Filled Cross-Section" setting.

Camera Scaling

Camera scaling > 1 or < 1 does not supported well in Verge3D. Always set scale factor for your cameras to 1.

Raycasting with skinned objects

If some skinned object moves out of its bounding (sphere of box), raycasting will fail to detect its new position.

Armature movement.png

This also affects when clicked, when hovered, when dragged, and raycast puzzles.

Possible workaround for this would be creating a simplified fully-transparent proxy object and parenting it to the bone directly (without skinning). Then you can detect raycasting, clicking, hovering etc for that object.

HiDPI Compositing Limitations

HiDPI composing is a nice feature to render some of your objects in high quality:

Hidpi compositing.png

However, this feature has some limitations:

  • You can't apply any post-processing effects to the objects rendered in HiDPI pass.
  • HiDPI objects can not be influenced by the depth of the objects rendered before them, as such there might be artifacts similar to these (green - regular object, blue - HiDPI object):

Hidpi compositing depth issue.png

So, HiDPI works fine for UI and camera-parented objects only.

Running multiple Verge3D flavors simultaneously

If you try to run multiple Verge3D flavors, e.g Verge3D for Blender along with Verge3D for 3ds Max, only the first one will execute the App Manager server. This means, when you create a new app, it will be created inside the distribution which is connected to the first modelling suite you run. Also, the Sneak Peak feature will work only inside the first suite.

A possible workaround would be unloading the package you don't need to use. Alternatively stick to Verge3D Ultimate, especially if you mix assets from different modelling suites inside the same application.

Export multiple animation clips for the same object

It is not so easy to detect which animations will be compatible with the given object and as such export them properly, so multiple animation clips for the same object are not supported. Instead, you can place all animation clips on the same timeline and use them with the frame range playback feature. (for example via play animation puzzle)


Verge3D for Blender limitations

Deep Collection Instancing

In general, you can link collections to your blend file via instancing, and this is supported in Verge3D:

Collection instancing.png

However, you can not nest instanced collections, e.g it's not possible to instance collections which in turn included in other instanced collections and so on.

Material animation

In Verge3D for Blender materials should be animated by using additional RGB or Value nodes:

Material animation blender.jpg

Partial shape keys (morphing) animation

You should animate meshes with shape keys (morphing) as a whole, not partially. E.g the following won't work:

Partial shape keys animation.jpg

To fix the issue, you should add at least one keyframe to "Key 2".


Blender Physics properties are not exported thus not supported in Verge3D. Use puzzles to perform physical simulations in your apps.


For now Ambient Occlusion is the only postprocessing effect which is exported from Blender and supported in Verge3D. The following effects are not supported:

  • Bloom — use bloom puzzle instead.
  • Depth of Field — implemented in depth of field puzzle.
  • Screen Space Reflection — supported by the puzzle with the same name.
  • Motion Blur — there is the afterimage puzzle that looks quite similar to motion blur.

Rotation animation

Rotation animation must be on all axes, otherwise there may be unpredictable results.

Correct rotation animation example.png


UDIM textures are not yet supported in Verge3D for Blender.

Verge3D for 3ds Max limitations

XRef Objects

Externally referenced objects, aka XRef objects are not supported in Verge3D.

Verge3D for Maya limitations

View Transform

Default ACES 1.0 SDR-video (sRGB) view transform is not supported, which makes Verge3D scenes look different from Maya viewport.

Aces maya.webp

Always switch to Un-tone-mapped (sRGB) view transform to get consistent results.

See also

  • Hardware Related Issues - in-depth explanation of various hardware issues you might experience in your Verge3D-based apps.