Known Verge3D Limitations

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Two or more clipping planes parallel to each other

Two parallel clipping planes.jpg

When two or more clipping planes intersect with each other, you can see the following artifacts similar to Z-fighting. Possible workaround for this issue would be using only one plane or disabling the "Filled Cross-Section" setting.

Camera Scaling

Camera scaling > 1 or < 1 does not supported well in Verge3D. Always set scale factor for your cameras to 1.

Raycasting with skinned objects

If some skinned object moves out of its bounding (sphere of box), raycasting will fail to detect its new position.

Armature movement.png

This also affects when clicked, when hovered, when dragged, and raycast puzzles.

Possible workaround for this would be creating a simplified fully-transparent proxy object and parenting it to the bone directly (without skinning). Then you can detect raycasting, clicking, hovering etc for that object.

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