Useful Links

The following is a collection of Verge3D resources that you might find useful.


Use Verge3D forums for discussions, questions, feature requests, or jobs. This is also a good place to showcase your projects.


Beginner Level

Watching these series is a good way to start with Verge3D.

Advanced Level

Here are some more advanced tutorials explaining various Verge3D use cases.

Social Media

Here is the list of Soft8Soft's official and third-party social media accounts. You might use them to get the latest Verge3D updates and communicate with your fellow vergers!

Also use #verge3d or #3dweb tags to find info about Verge3D framework as well as recent updates from the 3D web industry.

Verge3D Reviews

Verge3D is presented on several review and product comparison websites. We would really like to know what you think and appreciate honest feedback from you!

Apps, Demos and Examples

Check out to see what Verge3D is capable of:

Third-party Verge3D Plugins

Plugins extend the core functionality of Verge3D in a clean and easy-to-use fashion. Here is the list of plugins developed by third-party Verge3D professionals and companies:

Find more and discuss plugin development on the Forums.

Third-party Asset Packs and Themes

Here is the list of asset packs and themes developed by Verge3D community:

Blender, 3ds Max, Maya

In the case you need help with 3D packages which Verge3D is compatible with, we brought you this list:

Get Help with App Coding

Just Google "How to do ... in three.js" and with 99% probability you will be able do the same with Verge3D since we're trying to maintain API compatibility between the two frameworks.

Browser Development Progress and Bug Trackers

Important resources to follow the browser development progress and roadmaps:

Browser Technologies — WebGL, WebXR etc

Info for web developers, such as specifications, examples, and debugging tools:

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

Wikipedia contains very useful articles with GPU specs:

International Resources





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Feel free to propose on the forums!