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The following is a collection of Verge3D resources that you might find useful.


Use Verge3D forums for discussions, questions, feature requests, or jobs. This is also a good place to showcase your projects.

Link Shortener

Use the official shortener to shorten links to your Verge3D applications, videos, tutorials, portfolios, etc. Here you can also choose some human readable URL for your resources.


For tutorial links, check out the following articles:

Verge3D for Blender Tutorials

Verge3D for 3ds Max Tutorials

Verge3D for Maya Tutorials

Social Media

Here is the list of Soft8Soft's official and third-party social media accounts. You might use them to get the latest Verge3D updates and communicate with your fellow vergers!

Also use #verge3d or #3dweb tags to find info about Verge3D framework as well as recent updates from the 3D web industry.

Verge3D Reviews

Verge3D is presented on several review and product comparison websites. We would really like to know what you think and appreciate honest feedback from you!

Apps, Demos and Examples

Check out to see what Verge3D is capable of:

  • Gallery — the gallery of applications made with Verge3D. This is a good starting point to grasp Verge3D features and capabilities.
  • Verge3D distributions come with sources of the demo applications from our Gallery.
  • Verge3D code examples — examples for JavaScript coders.
  • Verge3D for Wordpress sandbox — use this website to try out Verge3D's publishing, remote storage and e-commerce features. Customer Apps, Demos and Examples:
  • Escape Room Game - an interactive short made with Blender and Verge3D- by Route 66 Digital
  • Programming Time - an interactive watch that tells the current time where every you are in the world - by Route 66 Digital
  • P51 Beer - an interactive that explores post processing effects and allows you to order a beer - by Route 66 Digital
  • Toothbrush - an interactive educational demo that explains what clients need to know about creating interactives - by Route 66 Digital
  • Star Puzzle - an interactive step by step instructional interactive that teaches you how to solve the star puzzle - by Route 66 Digital
  • Robot Explorer - an online interactive learning experience for students to explore a robot they are about to build - by Route 66 Digital
  • Wound Closure - an interactive step by step emergency guide to applying a laceration closure device - by Route 66 Digital
  • NOCO Genius 10 - an interactive exploration in modeling and motion graphics - by Route 66 Digital

Verge3D Plugins

See here for a list of Verge3D plugins.

Asset Packs and Themes

Here is the list of asset packs and themes developed by Verge3D community:

Blender, 3ds Max, Maya

In the case you need help with 3D packages which Verge3D is compatible with, we brought you this list:

Browser Development Progress, Bug Trackers, and Statistics

Important resources to follow the browser development progress and roadmaps:

Browser Technologies — WebGL, WebXR etc

Info for web developers, such as specifications, examples, and debugging tools:

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

Wikipedia contains very useful articles with GPU specs:

Resources for graphics coders

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