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In 2022, Robotique FIRST Québec ( approached Route 66 Digital, LLC ( ) to help in the development of a Verge3d application based on an existing CAD Models of a competition robot.

The model contained over 30,000,000 triangles and over 2,200 unique parts. This page will be updated regularly with information regarding how the project was created and completed.

JANUARY 17th, 2023

Robotique FIRST Québec and Route 66 Digital have developed a 3D interactive for the 2023 Robotics Festival. Visit the FIRST Tech Challenge Provincial Championship at Grand Quay of Port Montréal on January 28th, 2023. Be one of the first to experience the first of three interactives to be released this year. Video Teaser:

JANUARY 28th, 2023 - Interactive on display at FIRST Tech Challenge Provincial Championship at Grand Quay of Port Montréal

JANUARY 29th, 2023 - Interactive viewable online at:

The January build's primary function was to reduce the triangle count from over 30 million to under 3 million. The initial thoughts were that the CAD models could be optimized or decimated to achieve a minimum target of 3 million with the phase 1 timing. It was quickly realized that optimization took longer than remodeling from scratch and did not yield good results. Remodeling allowed for completely control over good topology allowing us to use even fewer triangles that expected. Due to the January delivery date requirement, model optimization stopped when we reached 1.9 million triangles 33% below our target. Optimization of the models continues and we expect to be under 1,000,000 triangles by mid summer 2023. Although the build was designed as Verge3d app output to a Electron App the online version worked so well we thought we would release it too.