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This article contains a list of notable applications made with Verge3D. Please share only complete and published projects here.

E-Commerce / 3D configurators

Scooter – 3D product configurator featuring HDR rendering, realistic materials, a code-less approach for creating more than a million possible combinations. Made by Soft8Soft.

Jewelry Configurator – interactive web-based jewelry customizer. Made by Soft8Soft.

Passenger Drone Configurator – concept visualization of configure, price, quote system developed by Configure One, Inc.

Product visualizations

Virtual Car OEM Explorer — virtual car showcasing chemistry-driven solutions for future mobility. Made by BASF Automotive Solutions.

Printed Circuit Board – marketing tool by Infineon Technologies AG.

X2 Pro Smartphone – immersive 3D visualization created for Oppo and Vodafone by dreidesign.


Industrial Robot — AR/VR experience for engineering. A virtual robot capable of assembly, welding, drilling, and packaging. Made by Soft8Soft.

Architecture and construction

Anou’ka House — interactive home planner by French developer ya'K construire.com

Medical and scientific visualizations

Mars Rover Online 3D Simulator — award-winning experience by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Medical 3D Illustration — by Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund.

Laboratory-independent exploration of stirred bioreactors and their fluid dynamics — a paper from Elsevier's Education for Chemical Engineers.

Business presentations

Wind Generator — infographics by View Spread studio.

Geospatial visualizations

The Bunbury Geographe — tourist attractions map by Visit Bunbury.

Browser games

Farmer's Journey — an engaging WebGL game based on the Verge3D engine. Made by Soft8Soft.

Fox Runner — browser game by CyberFox studio.

Art and demos

Fantasy Vehicle — audio-visual experience by Simone Lipschitz.

Route 66 Digital Demos

NOCO Genius10 - exploring motion graphic techniques and transitions for annotations.

Robot Explorer - STEM educational demonstrator

Star Puzzle Solution - Interactive step-by-step instruction guide

Escape Room - an interactive short game.

Electric Toothbrush - product demo / educational demo

P51 Beer - explores post-processing effects & e-commerce integration

see them all at Route 66 Digital

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