Verge3D 4.0 migration guide

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In this guide you will find info on how to perform migration from Verge3D 3.XX to major 4.0 release.

Short Memo

In most cases, these steps are sufficient:

  1. Install Verge3D 4.0.
  2. Launch App Manager. When it asks to enter a new application directory, leave default or choose existing (e.g verge3d_blender/applications).
  3. Update your apps in App Manager using build-in updater.
  4. Reexport your Blender/3ds Max/Maya assets.
  5. Resave Puzzles.

Puzzles Library

The Puzzles library is now stored inside the applications folder:


So you should copy the file called my_library.xml from verge3d_blender/puzzles of your old Verge3D 3.X installation to your applications folder.