Common gotchas with Verge3D

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This page includes common gotchas you might experience when creating 3D web content. These issues might cause problems with rendering or performance (or both).

Enabling HDR Rendering when it's not required

Hdr rendering setting.jpg

Activating this feature causes excessive GPU memory consumption and rendering slowdowns. Use it in two cases only:

  • You have the Bloom post-processing effect.
  • You use procedural gradients in your node-based material.

Beware, setting this option is not required to get cool lighting with HDR maps!

Using non-power-of-two (NPOT) textures

Avoid textures which have resolutions like 1000x1000, 1200x600, 1920x1080. See NPOT Textures article for more info.

Huge shadow maps

Setting shadow size to high value basically kills performance on most devices:

Huge shadows.jpg

Try to minimize shadow maps as much as possible. Instead of increasing shadow size, reduce pixelation of your shadows by using more advanced shadow filtering algorithms, like PCF (Poisson Disk) or ESM.