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  • in reply to: After update to 4.0: Puzzles have no effect #53139

    No problem. Here are the links:

    This is the app with Verge 3.9:

    This with 4.0 and nothing changed, just updated and saved puzzles:

    Thanks for the fast replies! :good:

    in reply to: After update to 4.0: Puzzles have no effect #53133

    This is the output from the browser console:

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    Yes with Android everything works as expected.

    Soooo after hours of reseach I found out that you CANT open WebXR AR-Apps on iOs through iframe at the moment. When I get rid of the iframe and put my UI inside the main-html-file than it works…

    This ist very essential to know for everyone who wants to develop Web-AR with Apple hardware. In short: Its pretty much impossible at the moment. Even with dedicated apps like XRViewer… :negative:

    Thanks Yuri for looking into my project files to look for the error :good: Next time i will develop directly on Android.

    Yes the stock demo works with XRViewer.
    I upload the project to the soft8soft servers. So https is enabled.

    I even started a new verge project, re-exported my model and rewrote large parts of the puzzles to make shure that no old code is doing any harm. Still no AR-detection.

    Hi Yuri,

    yes the render issues are gone now! :good:

    But AR still does not get detected in my app with XRViewer. A few weeks ago it still worked. I already deleted the puzzles for USDZ generation, so this can’t be the problem.

    In the screenshots you see all my AR-related puzzles.

    First I check if AR is available, then set the variable to true, then I set my html element with my AR button to “block” if true. But the button stays invisible.

    Is the iframe a problem? I made the gui with webflow and added this:


    to the iframe code.

    Under this link you can find my project file.

    I really dont know where my error is. :wacko:

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    I tested the AR-Demoproject with the XRViewer and a couple of AR demos I found on google and all of them work. There are no render issues and the ar mode gets detected correctly. But I use the same puzzles as the ar-verge-demo. So I‘m absolutely clueless where the error comes from.

    Hi Yuri,

    thanks, that explains a lot! :good:
    But now Safari asks me if I want to download the file: AR.usdz.xml and really just downloads it. And it can’t be opened because iOs thinks that it is an xml file and not a usdz file.

    I am using Verge4.0 pre4 with compressed textures. Maybe this is a bug in the current pre4?

    That was it! THANK YOU! :yahoo: :heart:

    Always the little things…

    Hi Mikhail,

    yes Puzzle is the way! ;-) But I dont know how to change the states permanently in puzzles…

    I also tried to configure the “new state” manually in puzzles.

    the button is just a black box. But I want this box to have a box shadow after being pressed. The divs’s ID is: button_1
    So I use the set style puzzle set to box-shadow to 0 7px 13px 5px #000; for elem button_1.

    But nothing changes. What am I doing wrong?
    If I set the style display to none for elem button_1 the button disappears. So the ID is correct…

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    Hey eeey,
    yes the states work when the project is exported, but there is no way that the buttons stay in one of the states.

    In my app I have 2 buttons. Whith those buttons I can change between two 3D-Models. It would be nice if the last clicked button would stay in its changed state after being clicked to have an optical feedback inside the ui of which 3D model is the active one. And if I click the other button and the models change than this button stays in the clicked state and the first button switches back to the normal „not clicked“ state.

    Is something like this possible when working with webflow without creating a new css class or manually changing multiple css rules with puzzles?

    Ok thanks for your answere! :good:

    Where do I implement those custom features? In the “my_awesome_app.js” in the function runCode(app) {} section? Cause I tried this:

    function runCode(app) {
    controls = new v3d.OrbitControls(camera, renderer.domElement);
        //controls = new THREE.OrbitControls(camera, renderer.domElement);
                controls.enableDamping = true;
                controls.dampingFactor = 2.0;

    But this didn’t work. Is it because it interferes with the blender camera set to “orbit mode” or is there another place where i have to implement stuff like this?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)