Library for Your Puzzles

Library is a persistent storage for groups of puzzles for re-use in multiple projects.



There are two libraries in Verge3D:

Adding Entries

You can add a puzzle group to the user library by right-clicking on it and selecting the option Save N Puzzles to Library. In the modal window type the name for the group as it will appear in the library's list of entries. Refresh the list of entries by reloading the page with the Puzzles editor to update that list.

Using Entries

A saved group of puzzle can be retrieved from the library by dragging it out to a workspace.

Renaming Entries

There is no dedicated control for renaming library entries. However, you can easily rename an entry by editing the my_library.xml file (in 2 places).

Once renamed, your library entry name will be updated after refreshing the editor.

Deleting Entries

An entry can be deleted from the user library by clicking the ❌ button.


Every time you save or delete entries, the previously saved file my_library.xml is copied to the folder called library_backup with a timestamp added to the file name.

This allows you to restore any of the previously saved revisions of your user library when you need it. Simply copy a file back to the application folder and remove the time stamp from its name. Your library will be updated after refreshing the editor.

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