Initialization Puzzles

These puzzles are located under the init tab and are interpreted before a Verge3D application is initialized.

"configure application"

Allows to set up application initialization parameters, including some WebGL context creation parameters.

"setup preloader" + "percentage"

Removes the default preloader and exposes event callbacks to allow for handling preloader progress events.

In the following example, a custom preloader is represented with a container HTML element (e.g., a <div>) with the id "preloader". Inside it, there is another element with the id "loading progress" (e.g., a <span>), in which % of loading is printed using the persentage puzzle. In addition to that, the width of the third element (e.g., a <div>) is dynamically changed to graphically represent the loading progress.

"load font"

Loads font from a specified URL and makes it accessible via font-family CSS rule.