Initialization Puzzles

These puzzles are located under the init tab and are interpreted before a Verge3D application is initialized.


Puzzles Reference

configure application

Allows to set up application initialization parameters, including some WebGL context creation parameters.

compressed assets
makes the app load a compressed scene in .xz format instead of a regular .gltf file. See Asset Compression for more info.
default fullscreen button
enables the default fullscreen button located in the top right corner.
transparent background
makes the background transparent so that the underlying parts of a web page become visible through the WebGL canvas. Enable this parameter to inline your 3D content on a web page or to use the augmented reality feature.
enable screenshots
makes it possible to properly capture screenshots from the WebGL canvas (sets the preserveDrawingBuffer property of the WebGL context to true).
fade annotations
makes annotations fade when they are blocked by scene objects.

setup preloader + percentage

Removes the default preloader and exposes event callbacks to allow for handling preloader progress events.

In the following example, a custom preloader is represented with a container HTML element (e.g., a <div>) with the id "preloader". Inside it, there is another element with the id "loading progress" (e.g., a <span>), in which % of loading is printed using the persentage puzzle. In addition to that, the width of the third element (e.g., a <div>) is dynamically changed to graphically represent the loading progress.

load font

Loads font from a specified URL and makes it accessible via font-family CSS rule.

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