Shadows / Maya

Here are described the settings and best practices to setup beautiful real-time shadows in Verge3D for Maya.

Verge3D supports shadows for Directional, Point and Spot lights only.

Per-Light Settings

Shadows can be enabled/disabled for each individual light using Maya's native panels. Supported shadow settings are highlighted with green.

The checkbox Use Depth Map Shadows must be enabled for shadows to appear in Verge3D.

Resolution controls how big is the shadow texture (trading between speed and quality).

Filter Size controls the blurriness ratio for shadows.

Bias can be tweaked until you get rid of self-shadow artifacts and/or the peter-panning effect.

Per-Object Settings

You can also enable and disable receiving and casting shadow on per-object basis.

See also Autodesk's official documentation for more information and best practices on using shadows in Maya.

Got Questions?

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