Blend Shapes (aka Morphing) / Maya

Blend Shapes (called Morphing in Verge3D) is a feature which allows you to modify mesh objects in real-time. The most common use case for this feature is facial animation. Morphing also suits well to creating parametric objects which can interactively change their dimensions, shape, thickness, holes, profiles etc.

Parametric Models demo relies heavily on blend shapes.


Setting Up

In Maya, open the Shape Editor, and setup targets for your objects. Please notice that you can create only one blend shape per object (with multiple active targets).

Setting up morphing in Maya

Animating Blend Shapes

Verge3D supports keyframe animation of blend shape weights. Check out the Animation section for more details.

Controlling via Puzzles

To manipulate your morph targets in real-time there are two puzzles: get morph factor and set morph factor.

For usage example, check out the Parametric Models demo (also available in the Asset Store).

Got Questions?

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