Morphing / 3ds Max

Morphing is a feature which allows you to modify mesh objects in real-time. The most common use case for this feature is facial animation. Morphing also suits well to creating parametric objects which can interactively change their dimensions, shape, thickness, holes, profiles etc.

See the following demo as an example:


Setting Up

In 3ds Max, add a Morpher modifier, and setup the channels for morph targets. Please notice that due to hardware constraints, the total number of active morph targets is limited. Most of the time it's 5 morph targets for skinned objects and 6 for others. See this topic for more information about calculating the limit in more complex cases.

During rendering, the engine selects 6 morph targets with largest influences ignoring all excessive morph targets.

Morphing in Verge3D for 3ds Max

Controlling via Puzzles

To manipulate your morph targets in real-time there are two puzzles: get morph factor and set morph factor. See the demo called "Parametric Models" for more details.

Got Questions?

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