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3ds Max

Verge3D works on top of Autodesk 3ds Max 2021-2025 which should be installed first. We recommend using the latest stable version of 3ds Max (2024 at the time of writing) for best results.

Operating system

We recommend using Verge3D on Windows 10/11 with latest video drivers installed. No admin privileges are required for installation.

Web browser

Verge3D can work in any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge. We, however, recommend to use the Chrome browser for development as it is fast and provides good development tools. You might want to make it your default browser for more convenient previews.

Verge3D Installer

Download the Verge3D bundle and double click on the .exe file to run the installer.

Running Verge3D for 3ds Max installation

Follow the link to read the recent version of Verge3D license agreement.

Verge3D for 3ds Max EULA

Choose components you want to install.

Choosing Verge3D components

Choose an installation folder that have enough permissions for reading and writing (or better leave it by default).

Choosing installation folder in Verge3D installer

Wait until the installer finishes copying files to the target directory.

Verge3D installation work-in-progress

Once installation complete you'll see the following screen.

Verge3D installation complete

Now you may open 3ds Max. If you had it running, be sure to close and open it again. You should see Verge3D menu in the main menu bar.

Verge3D menu in 3ds Max

You may also launch the App Manager without running 3ds Max by clicking on the desktop icon or using the Start menu.

Running Verge3D for 3ds Max with desktop icon or start menu

Configuring Plugin Path Manually

Sometimes Verge3D menu won't show up. This may happen due to various reasons:

In such the case, you may use the following procedure to configure the plugin path manually.

Run 3ds Max, and select "Configure User and System Paths..." under "Customize" in the main menu bar.

3ds Max User and System Paths menu

Switch to the "3rd Party Plug-ins" tab and click the "Add..." button.

Button to add third-party plug-ins in 3ds Max

Navigate to the folder in which Verge3D is installed and then to the "max_plugin" folder inside it. Click "Use Path".

Selecting third-party plug-in path in 3ds Max

Click "OK" and re-open 3ds Max.

Saving 3ds Max system paths


Still no Verge3D Menu

In some rare cases, the Verge3D menu may not show up in the main menu bar even if you configured the plugin path and re-opened 3ds Max. To register the menu manually, go to Utilities, click MaxScript and select Verge3D in the dropdown menu. Then click Register Verge3D menu.

Registering Verge3D menu in 3ds Max

Verge3D Properties on Objects are Missing

Custom Verge3D-specific properties are added automatically to objects upon their creation if Verge3D > Auto-Assign Verge3D Params is enabled. Verge3D params are not created though in the cases when you import a scene, open a file which was created before Verge3D was installed, or if the above-mentioned option is switched off.

Adding Verge3D params to objects in 3ds Max

Either way, you can add Verge3D settings to existing objects manually, by going to the Utilities tab, selecting Verge3D under MAXScript and clicking Add Verge3D Params for selected objects.

Module use of python37.dll conflicts with this version of Python

If you see this error in 3ds Max 2021+ (upon startup or when trying to export something)...

3ds Max python 3 error

...then it's possible that some plugin cluttered with your system environment variables (forcing 3ds Max to use an outdated version of Python).

To fix it, run System Properties, by searching for "edit the system environment variables" and clicking on the appeared application:

Edit system environment variables in Windows

In the System Properties dialog click on the Environment Variables... button:

Running Environment Variables settings in Windows

In the next dialog find the ADSK_3DSMAX_PYTHON_VERSION variable. It might be located in the User variables or System variables list.

Adding ADSK_3DSMAX_PYTHON_VERSION environment variable

Replace value 2 to 3 by clicking the Edit... button. Click OK then restart your system.


In order to remove Verge3D files, as well as the desktop icon and the Start menu entry, from your computer, you may use the standard Add or remove programs function of Windows. It won't touch the applications and puzzles folders where user files are stored, so you may remove them manually if you don't need them anymore.

Windows Apps & features dialog

Before you uninstall Verge3D, you might need to remove custom Verge3D options assigned to your objects. To do so, go to Utilities, click MaxScript and select Verge3D in the dropdown menu. Then click on the Cleanup Scene button.

Cleanup Verge3D scene in 3ds Max

Alternatively, there is a cleanup script which you can drag-and-drop to an opened 3ds Max scene to perform the same task. This option does not require you to have Verge3D installed.

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