Wordpress Plugin

As of version 2.7, Verge3D comes with a plug-in for WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS) in use (60+ million installations).

Verge3D WordPress plug-in offers two major features:

These features work independently on each other. For example, you can use just the embedding, or you can handle orders received from an application hosted somewhere else (such as on Verge3D Network etc).


Before installing this plug-in, make sure you have at least WordPress 4.7. To upload applications on your server you need to have a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari 11.1+.

Follow these steps to install Verge3D plug-in:

Alternatively, find Verge3D plugin in the official WordPress.org repository and install/activate it as any other WP plugin.

Try uploading some of your apps or creating a test order to verify that plug-in works fine.

Please note that your WordPress server configuration might have tight upload limits. If you experience troubles during uploading of your apps, you might want to tweak the following settings in your php.ini file:

upload_max_filesize = 100M max_file_uploads = 100

Adding and Managing Applications

Use the Applications admin menu to access Verge3D Applications screen:

To upload your app, click Edit just under an application's title, click Choose Files and select an application folder in the Update Verge3D Application form:

On this form you can also configure iframe (canvas) size of your application and allow/deny using the fullscreen mode.

To embed Verge3D applications in your WordPress pages/posts use the following shortcode:

[verge3d id="YOUR_APP_ID"]

where YOUR_APP_ID is an ID of your application displayed in the table on the Verge3D Application screen.

Setting up the Order Form

To handle orders sent by Verge3D applications, add an order form to some of your WordPress page/post using the following shortcode:


Specify the link to that page/post in the place order puzzle to make it work.

Managing Orders

Use E-Commerce admin menu to access E-Commerce Orders screen:

The orders in this list are created automatically upon receiveing requests from Verge3D applications. You can use this screen for reviewing and managing customer orders.

Plug-in Settings

Use Settings admin menu to modify the plug-in global settings:

Order notification e-mail option is used to specify an e-mail address of the person responsible for managing orders. When a customer places a new order, you will be notified about this order on this e-mail.

Order e-mail "From" option is used to specify a name/e-mail of a person/organisation that is responsible for communicating with the customer. This can be a sales manager e-mail, some common address such as sales@yourcompany.com or just a no-reply address such as noreply@yourcompany.com.

E-Commerce Protocol Specification

The Verge3D plug-in and the place order puzzle use a simple and extensible protocol to handle orders. If you'd like to create a custom server-side or front-end script, you can use the information provided below.

Orders are sent from the browser to server using an HTTP POST request with the following parameters:

POST parameters Description
v3d_title Order title. This field is used to describe the order. Since this value is of no use to customers, it is of use solely for persons that are responsible for handling orders.
v3d_content Order content. This text field includes a complete order information and is visible to both the customer and the sales manager.
v3d_price Order total price. It can be a number or a string, for example 99, 99.99, "$99.99".
v3d_screenshot Order screenshot. This optional value must be a data URI representing an image. This value is generated by the HTMLCanvasElement.toDataURL() method.

Since this protocol is extensible you can add any parameter with v3d_ prefix to your POST requests or serialize data to v3d_content parameter using JSON, XML, CSV or any other format of your choiсe.