Shadows / Blender

Here are described the settings and best practices to setup beautiful real-time shadows in Verge3D for Blender.

This section is written for Blender 2.81 (or higher). The shadow settings for older Blender versions are slightly different.

Global settings

The rendering of the shadows can be enabled/disabled using the Shadows and Verge3D Settings panels located on the Render tab in Blender.

Per-light settings

Shadows can be enabled/disabled/tweaked for each individual light using the Shadow and Verge3D Settings panels.

On the Verge3D Settings panel can be found some per-light settings. Size/FOV, Near and Far can be used to tweak the shadow volume (the less the better). Radius controls the blurriness ratio, Map Size – how big is the shadow texture (trading between speed and quality).

Got Questions?

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