Installation / Blender


Verge3D can run on top of Blender, an open source 3D modeling and animation suite, which should be installed first (we support versions 2.91-4.0). You can download Blender for free from the official website.

Downloading Verge3D

Download Verge3D for Blender for your operating system (.exe installer for Windows, or XZ archive for macOS or Linux).

Installation for Windows

Double click on the .exe file to run the installer.

Running Verge3D for Blender installation

Follow the link to read the recent version of Verge3D license agreement.

Verge3D for Blender EULA

Choose components you want to install.

Choosing Verge3D components

Now choose an installation folder that have enough permissions for reading and writing (or better leave it by default).

Choosing installation folder in Verge3D installer

Wait until the installer finishes copying files to the target directory.

Verge3D installation work-in-progress

Once installation complete you'll see the following screen.

Verge3D installation complete

Press finish and launch Blender. If you had it running, be sure to close and open it again.

Open the Preferences window and go to the Add-ons tab. Find and enable the Verge3D addon, then close the window.

Activating Verge3D addon in Blender

You may also launch the App Manager without running Blender by clicking on the desktop icon or using the Start menu.

Running Verge3D for Blender with desktop icon or start menu

Installation for macOS or Linux

Unpack the XZ archive to a directory of your choice. Make sure you have enough permissions to read/write in this folder. Installing in a system directory is not recommended.

In Blender, invoke the Preferences window by selecting the corresponding option in the Edit menu.

Opening Blender preferences

On the File Paths tab, find the Script Directories panel. There click on the Add (or +) button to add the folder in which Verge3D is installed. Close the Preferences window and restart Blender.

Modifying Scripts path in Blender

Open the Preferences window again and go to the Add-ons tab. Find and enable the Verge3D addon, then close the window.

Activating Verge3D addon in Blender

Installation complete!


ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy'

When on Linux, you might see the following error upon Verge3D activation, saying that there is no module named numpy:

ModuleNotFoundError in Blender

If you see it, install numpy with your system package manager, e.g. on Ubuntu:

sudo apt install python3-numpy

Then try activating the Verge3D add-on again.

What's Next

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