Utility functions for Skeleton, SkinnedMesh, and Bone manipulation.


.clone (object : Object3D) : Object3D

Clones the given object and its descendants, ensuring that any SkinnedMesh instances are correctly associated with their bones. Bones are also cloned, and must be descendants of the object passed to this method. Other data, like geometries and materials, are reused by reference.

.findBoneTrackData (name : String, tracks : Array) : Object

.getBoneByName (name : String, skeleton : Skeleton) : Bone

.getBones (skeleton : Skeleton) : Array

.getEqualsBonesNames (skeleton : Skeleton, targetSkeleton : Skeleton) : Array

.getHelperFromSkeleton (skeleton : Skeleton) : SkeletonHelper

.getNearestBone (bone : Bone, names : Array) : Bone

.getSkeletonOffsets (target : SkeletonHelper, source : SkeletonHelper, options : Object) : Object

.renameBones (skeleton : Skeleton, names : Array) : this

.retarget (target : SkeletonHelper, source : SkeletonHelper, options : Object) : null

.retargetClip (target : SkeletonHelper, source : SkeletonHelper, clip : AnimationClip, options : Object) : AnimationClip


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