An exporter for PLY.

PLY (Polygon or Stanford Triangle Format) is a file format for efficient delivery and loading of simple, static 3D content in a dense format. Both binary and ascii formats are supported. PLY can store vertex positions, colors, normals and uv coordinates. No textures or texture references are saved.


// Instantiate an exporter var exporter = new v3d.PLYExporter(); // Parse the input and generate the ply output var data = exporter.parse(scene, options); downloadFile(data);



Creates a new PLYExporter.


.parse (input : Object3D, onDone : Function, options : Object) : null

input — Object3D
onCompleted — Will be called when the export completes. The argument will be the generated ply ascii or binary ArrayBuffer.
options — Export options

Generates ply file data as string or ArrayBuffer (ascii or binary) output from the input object. The data that is returned is the same that is passed into the "onCompleted" function. If the object is composed of multiple children and geometry, they are merged into a single mesh in the file.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.