BufferAttribute Types

There are nine types of BufferAttribute available in Verge3D. These correspond to the JavaScript Typed Arrays.

v3d.Float64BufferAttribute v3d.Float32BufferAttribute v3d.Float16BufferAttribute v3d.Uint32BufferAttribute v3d.Int32BufferAttribute v3d.Uint16BufferAttribute v3d.Int16BufferAttribute v3d.Uint8ClampedBufferAttribute v3d.Uint8BufferAttribute v3d.Int8BufferAttribute


All of the above are called in the same way.

TypedBufferAttribute(array : Array | Integer, itemSize : Integer, normalized : Boolean)

array — this can be a typed or untyped (normal) array or an integer length. An array value will be converted to the Type specified. If a length is given a new TypedArray will created, initialized with all elements set to zero.
itemSize — the number of values of the array that should be associated with a particular vertex.
normalized — (optional) indicates how the underlying data in the buffer maps to the values in the GLSL code.


See the BufferAttribute page for inherited properties.


See the BufferAttribute page for inherited methods.


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