Creates an texture 2D array based on data in compressed form, for example from a DDS file.

For use with the CompressedTextureLoader.


CompressedArrayTexture(mipmaps : Array, width : Integer, height : Integer, depth : Integer, format : Constant, type : Constant)

mipmaps — The mipmaps array should contain objects with data, width and height. The mipmaps should be of the correct format and type.
width — The width of the biggest mipmap.
height — The height of the biggest mipmap.
depth — The number of layers of the 2D array texture.
format — The format used in the mipmaps. See ST3C Compressed Texture Formats, PVRTC Compressed Texture Formats and ETC Compressed Texture Format for other choices.
type — Default is v3d.UnsignedByteType. See type constants for other choices.


See the base CompressedTexture class for common properties.

.wrapR : Constant

This defines how the texture is wrapped in the depth direction.
The default is v3d.ClampToEdgeWrapping, where the edge is clamped to the outer edge texels. The other two choices are v3d.RepeatWrapping and v3d.MirroredRepeatWrapping. See the texture constants page for details.

.isCompressedArrayTexture : Boolean

Read-only flag to check if a given object is of type CompressedArrayTexture.


See the base CompressedTexture class for common methods.


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