This class contains the parameters that define exponential squared fog, which gives a clear view near the camera and a faster than exponentially densening fog farther from the camera.


FogExp2(color : Color, density : Float)

The color parameter is passed to the Color constructor to set the color property. Color can be a hexadecimal integer or a CSS-style string.


.isFogExp2 : Boolean

Read-only flag to check if a given object is of type FogExp2.

.name : String

Optional name of the object (doesn't need to be unique). Default is an empty string.

.color : Color

Fog color. Example: If set to black, far away objects will be rendered black.

.density : Float

Defines how fast the fog will grow dense.

Default is 0.00025.


.clone() → FogExp2

Returns a new FogExp2 instance with the same parameters as this one.


Check out the add fog puzzle to enable the exponential fog effect in a visual way.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.