Used by the CubeCamera as its WebGLRenderTarget.


See CubeCamera for examples.


WebGLRenderTargetCube(width : Number, height : Number, options : Object)

width - The width of the renderTarget.
height - The height of the renderTarget.
options - (optional) object that holds texture parameters for an auto-generated target texture and depthBuffer/stencilBuffer booleans. For an explanation of the texture parameters see Texture. The following are valid options:

wrapS - default is ClampToEdgeWrapping.
wrapT - default is ClampToEdgeWrapping.
magFilter - default is .LinearFilter.
minFilter - default is LinearFilter.
format - default is RGBAFormat.
type - default is UnsignedByteType.
anisotropy - default is 1. See Texture.anistropy
encoding - default is LinearEncoding.
depthBuffer - default is true. Set this to false if you don't need it.
stencilBuffer - default is true. Set this to false if you don't need it.

Creates a new WebGLRenderTargetCube


See WebGLRenderTarget for inherited properties


See WebGLRenderTarget for inherited methods


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