Used by the CubeCamera as its WebGLRenderTarget.


See CubeCamera for examples.


WebGLRenderTargetCube(width : Number, height : Number, options : Object)

width - The width of the renderTarget.
height - The height of the renderTarget.
options - (optional) object that holds texture parameters for an auto-generated target texture and depthBuffer/stencilBuffer booleans. For an explanation of the texture parameters see Texture. The following are valid options:

wrapS - default is ClampToEdgeWrapping.
wrapT - default is ClampToEdgeWrapping.
magFilter - default is .LinearFilter.
minFilter - default is LinearFilter.
format - default is RGBAFormat.
type - default is UnsignedByteType.
anisotropy - default is 1. See Texture.anistropy
encoding - default is LinearEncoding.
depthBuffer - default is true. Set this to false if you don't need it.
stencilBuffer - default is true. Set this to false if you don't need it.

Creates a new WebGLRenderTargetCube


.activeCubeFace : integer

The activeCubeFace property corresponds to a cube side (PX 0, NX 1, PY 2, NY 3, PZ 4, NZ 5) and is used and set internally by the CubeCamera.

See WebGLRenderTarget for inherited properties


See WebGLRenderTarget for inherited methods


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