A special render target that enables a fragment shader to write to several textures. This approach is useful for advanced rendering techniques like post-processing or deferred rendering.

WebGLMultipleRenderTargets can only be used with a WebGL 2 rendering context.


WebGLMultipleRenderTargets(width : Integer, height : Integer, count : Integer, options : Object)

width — The width of the render target. Default is 1.
height — The height of the render target. Default is 1.
count — The number of render targets. Default is 1.
options — (optional) object that holds texture parameters for an auto-generated target texture and depthBuffer/stencilBuffer booleans.

For an explanation of the texture parameters see Texture. For a list of valid options, see WebGLRenderTarget.


.isWebGLMultipleRenderTargets : Boolean

Read-only flag to check if a given object is of type WebGLMultipleRenderTargets.

.texture : Array

The texture property is overwritten in WebGLMultipleRenderTargets and replaced with an array. This array holds the texture references of the respective render targets.

WebGLRenderTarget properties are available on this class.


WebGLRenderTarget methods are available on this class.


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