A class for displaying points. The points are rendered by the WebGLRenderer using gl.POINTS.


Points(geometry : BufferGeometry, material : Material)

geometry — (optional) an instance of BufferGeometry. Default is a new BufferGeometry.
material — (optional) a Material. Default is a new PointsMaterial.


See the base Object3D class for common properties.

.geometry : BufferGeometry

An instance of BufferGeometry (or derived classes), defining the object's structure.

.isPoints : Boolean

Read-only flag to check if a given object is of type Points.

.material : Material

An instance of Material, defining the object's appearance. Default is a PointsMaterial.

.morphTargetInfluences : Array

An array of weights typically from 0-1 that specify how much of the morph is applied. Undefined by default, but reset to a blank array by updateMorphTargets.

.morphTargetDictionary : Object

A dictionary of morphTargets based on the morphTarget.name property. Undefined by default, but rebuilt updateMorphTargets.


See the base Object3D class for common methods.

.raycast(raycaster : Raycaster, intersects : Array)

Get intersections between a casted ray and this Points. Raycaster.intersectObject will call this method.

.clone() → Points

Returns a clone of this Points object and its descendants.


Updates the morphTargets to have no influence on the object. Resets the morphTargetInfluences and morphTargetDictionary properties.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.