AnnotationControl is a class responsible for annotation movements. Usually, you don't need to use this class directly. To create custom annotations it's better to override the descendant Annotation class.


AnnotationControl(container : HTMLElement)

container — the ID of an HTML-element or the HTML-element itself which will contain the annotation.


See the base Object3D class for common properties.

.container : HTMLElement

The container ID or HTML-element.

.projected : Vector3

Vector with projected annotation coordinates.

.updatedCallback : Function

Annotaion update callback. Input params: projected X and Y coordinates, annotation visibility flag.

.isAnnotationControl : Boolean

Used to check whether this or derived classes are annotation controls.
You should not change this, as it is used internally for optimization.


See the base Object3D class for common methods.

.clone() → AnnotationControl

Returns a clone of this AnnotationControl object and any descendants.

.update(camera : Camera)

Update annotation controller position and visibility, execute updatedCallback if it is provided. This method is used internally by WebGLRenderer class.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.