Abstract base class of interpolants over parametric samples.

The parameter domain is one dimensional, typically the time or a path along a curve defined by the data.

The sample values can have any dimensionality and derived classes may apply special interpretations to the data.

This class provides the interval seek in a Template Method, deferring the actual interpolation to derived classes.

Time complexity is O(1) for linear access crossing at most two points and O(log N) for random access, where N is the number of positions.



Interpolant(parameterPositions, sampleValues, sampleSize, resultBuffer)

parameterPositions — array of positions
sampleValues — array of samples
sampleSize — number of samples
resultBuffer — buffer to store the interpolation results.

Note: This is not designed to be called directly.


.parameterPositions : null

.resultBuffer : null

.sampleValues : null

.settings : Object

Optional, subclass-specific settings structure.

.valueSize : null


.evaluate (t : Number) : Array

Evaluate the interpolant at position t.


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