This material can receive shadows, but otherwise is completely transparent.

Code Example

const geometry = new v3d.PlaneGeometry(2000, 2000); geometry.rotateX(- Math.PI / 2); const material = new v3d.ShadowMaterial(); material.opacity = 0.2; const plane = new v3d.Mesh(geometry, material); plane.position.y = -200; plane.receiveShadow = true; scene.add(plane);


ShadowMaterial(parameters : Object)

parameters — (optional) an object with one or more properties defining the material's appearance. Any property of the material (including any property inherited from Material) can be passed in here.


See the base Material classes for common properties.

.color : Color

Color of the material, by default set to black (0x000000).

.fog : Boolean

Whether the material is affected by fog. Default is true.

.transparent : Boolean

Defines whether this material is transparent. Default is true.


See the base Material classes for common methods.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.