A global instance of the LoadingManager, used by most loaders when no custom manager has been specified.

This will be sufficient for most purposes, however there may be times when you desire separate loading managers for say, textures and models.

Code Example

You can optionally set the onStart, onLoad, onProgress, onError functions for the manager. These will then apply to any loaders using the DefaultLoadingManager.

Note that these shouldn't be confused with the similarly named functions of individual loaders, as they are intended for displaying information about the overall status of loading, rather than dealing with the data that has been loaded.

v3d.DefaultLoadingManager.onStart = function(url, itemsLoaded, itemsTotal) { console.log('Started loading file: ' + url + '.\nLoaded ' + itemsLoaded + ' of ' + itemsTotal + ' files.'); }; v3d.DefaultLoadingManager.onLoad = function() { console.log('Loading Complete!'); }; v3d.DefaultLoadingManager.onProgress = function(url, itemsLoaded, itemsTotal) { console.log('Loading file: ' + url + '.\nLoaded ' + itemsLoaded + ' of ' + itemsTotal + ' files.'); }; v3d.DefaultLoadingManager.onError = function(url) { console.log('There was an error loading ' + url); };


See the LoadingManager page for details of properties.


See the LoadingManager page for details of methods.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.