A simple caching system, used internally by FileLoader.

Code Example

To enable caching across all loaders that use FileLoader, set

v3d.Cache.enabled = true.


.enabled : Boolean

Whether caching is enabled. Default is false.

.files : Object

An object that holds cached files.


.add(key : String, file : Object)

key — the key to reference the cached file by.
file — The file to be cached.

Adds a cache entry with a key to reference the file. If this key already holds a file, it is overwritten.

.get(key : String) → Any

key — A string key.

Get the value of key. If the key does not exist undefined is returned.

.remove(key : String)

key — A string key that references a cached file.

Remove the cached file associated with the key.


Remove all values from the cache.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.