This is used internally by SpotLights for calculating shadows.


//Create a WebGLRenderer and turn on shadows in the renderer var renderer = new v3d.WebGLRenderer(); renderer.shadowMap.enabled = true; renderer.shadowMap.type = v3d.PCFSoftShadowMap; // default v3d.PCFShadowMap //Create a SpotLight and turn on shadows for the light var light = new v3d.SpotLight(0xffffff); light.castShadow = true; // default false scene.add(light); //Set up shadow properties for the light light.shadow.mapSize.width = 512; // default light.shadow.mapSize.height = 512; // default = 0.5; // default = 500 // default //Create a sphere that cast shadows (but does not receive them) var sphereGeometry = new v3d.SphereBufferGeometry(5, 32, 32); var sphereMaterial = new v3d.MeshStandardMaterial({ color: 0xff0000 }); var sphere = new v3d.Mesh(sphereGeometry, sphereMaterial); sphere.castShadow = true; //default is false sphere.receiveShadow = false; //default scene.add(sphere); //Create a plane that receives shadows (but does not cast them) var planeGeometry = new v3d.PlaneBufferGeometry(20, 20, 32, 32); var planeMaterial = new v3d.MeshStandardMaterial({ color: 0x00ff00 }) var plane = new v3d.Mesh(planeGeometry, planeMaterial); plane.receiveShadow = true; scene.add(plane); //Create a helper for the shadow camera (optional) var helper = new v3d.CameraHelper(; scene.add(helper);


The constructor creates a PerspectiveCamera : PerspectiveCamera to manage the shadow's view of the world.


See the base LightShadow class for common properties.

.camera : Camera

The light's view of the world. This is used to generate a depth map of the scene; objects behind other objects from the light's perspective will be in shadow.

The default is a PerspectiveCamera with near clipping plane at 0.5. The fov will track the angle property of the owning SpotLight via the update method. Similarly, the aspect property will track the aspect of the mapSize. If the distance property of the light is set, the far clipping plane will track that, otherwise it defaults to 500.

.useMinFov90 : Boolean

Makes the shadow's camera vertical field of view 90 degrees even for spot lights with a cone more narrow than that. Default is false.


See the base LightShadow class for common methods.

.update (light : SpotLight) : SpotLightShadow

Updates the internal perspective camera based on the passed in light.


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