This is used internally by DirectionalLightShadowCSM for calculating shadows.

Unlike the other shadow classes, this uses an OrthographicCamera to calculate the shadows, rather than a PerspectiveCamera. This is because light rays from a DirectionalLight are parallel.



Creates a new DirectionalLightShadowCascade. This is not intended to be called directly — it is called internally by DirectionalLightShadowCSM.


See the base LightShadow class for common properties.

.camera : Camera

The light's view of the world. This is used to generate a depth map of the scene; objects behind other objects from the light's perspective will be in shadow.

The default is an OrthographicCamera with left and bottom set to -5, right and top set to 5, the near clipping plane at 0.5 and the far clipping plane at 500.

.isDirectionalLightShadowCascade : Boolean

Read-only flag to check if a given object is of type DirectionalLightShadowCascade.

.pancakeDepth : Boolean

When enabled, clamps the depth of occluder objects outside the shadow frustum along the Z axis in shadow camera view space, i.e. pancakes to shadow camera near plane. The default is true.


See the base LightShadow class for common methods.


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