RectAreaLight emits light uniformly across the face a rectangular plane. This light type can be used to simulate light sources such as bright windows or strip lighting.

This light can cast shadows — see RectAreaLightShadow page for details.

Code Example

const width = 10; const height = 10; const intensity = 1; const rectLight = new v3d.RectAreaLight(0xffffff, intensity, width, height); rectLight.position.set(5, 5, 0); rectLight.lookAt(0, 0, 0); scene.add(rectLight) const rectLightHelper = new RectAreaLightHelper(rectLight); rectLight.add(rectLightHelper);


RectAreaLight(color : Integer, intensity : Float, width : Float, height : Float)

color — (optional) hexadecimal color of the light. Default is 0xffffff (white).
intensity — (optional) the light's intensity, or brightness. Default is 1.
width — (optional) width of the light. Default is 10.
height — (optional) height of the light. Default is 10.

Creates a new RectAreaLight.


See the base Light class for common properties.

.height : Float

The height of the light.

.intensity : Float

The light's intensity. Default is 1.
In physically correct mode, intensity is the luminance (brightness) of the light measured in nits (cd/m^2).

Changing the intensity will also change the light's power.

.isRectAreaLight : Boolean

Read-only flag to check if a given object is of type RectAreaLight.

.power : Float

The light's power. In physically correct mode, power is the luminous power of the light measured in lumens (lm).

Changing the power will also change the light's intensity.

.width : Float

The width of the light.


See the base Light class for common methods.

.copy(source : RectAreaLight) → this

Copies value of all the properties from the source to this RectAreaLight.


The following puzzles work with the area lights:


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