RectAreaLight emits light uniformly across the face a rectangular plane. This light type can be used to simulate light sources such as bright windows or strip lighting.

Important Notes:


WebGL / rectarealight var width = 10; var height = 10; var intensity = 1; var rectLight = new v3d.RectAreaLight(0xffffff, intensity, width, height); rectLight.position.set(5, 5, 0); rectLight.lookAt(0, 0, 0); scene.add(rectLight) rectLightHelper = new v3d.RectAreaLightHelper(rectLight); rectLight.add(rectLightHelper);


RectAreaLight(color : Integer, intensity : Float, width : Float, height : Float)

color - (optional) hexadecimal color of the light. Default is 0xffffff (white).
intensity - (optional) the light's intensity, or brightness. Default is 1.
width - (optional) width of the light. Default is 10.
height - (optional) height of the light. Default is 10.

Creates a new RectAreaLight.


See the base Light class for common properties.

.isRectAreaLight : Boolean

Used to check whether this or derived classes are RectAreaLights. Default is true.

You should not change this, as it used internally for optimisation.


See the base Light class for common methods.

.copy (source : RectAreaLight) : RectAreaLight

Copies value of all the properties from the source to this RectAreaLight.